Spring Chicken Fever!

Spring Chicken Fever!

At Creating Sustainable Roots we believe living more sustainably means bringing agriculture back into urban settings and we’ve found raising backyard chickens is one of the most fun and productive ways to do this!  Chickens have the capability to provide soil cultivation, weed control, insect control, natural and super effective fertilizer, compost, education for children, a very abundant and healthy source of nutrition in their eggs, and bring a lot of joy to your life.

We first got 6 baby chicks in the spring of 2014 and have been hooked ever since.  They are easy to care for and there really is nothing quite like checking the laying box and seeing a fresh bundle of eggs just waiting to hit the frying pan!  We parted ways with those chickens just before this past winter when their egg laying had more or less stopped and have been dreaming about new ones each day since.

This past weekend, without too much of a plan, we hopped in the car and drove to a local feed store that we heard sold chickens.  Driving home we had 3 small boxes containing 10 baby chick-i-dee’s inside!  There are 4 Araucanas (Easter Eggers), 2 Barred Rock, 2 Golden Sex-link, and 2 Rhode Island Red’s.  The Araucanas are called Easter Eggers because they can lay any spectrum of blue or green eggs while the rest will lay a typical brown egg.  The Golden Sex-link is the only one that is a new breed for us.  We think the Araucanas are around 6 weeks old and the others 1-2 weeks.


Until they get all their feathers they are living with us in our living room in a large box raised off the ground on a folding table so our dog doesn’t get too adventurous.  Our plan is to build a chicken tractor, or mobile chicken coop, over the next few weeks to have ready for when they move outside.  We’ll probably share more about that adventure but we’re pretty excited that we picked up a used kids playset for free on Craigslist and got all the fine cedar lumber we needed for free.  We have a small stationary coop that may house them in the intermediate which we eventually hope to fill with a few ducks.

So meet Eleanor, Michelle, Hilary, Abigail, Jacqueline, Dolley, Lady Bird, Betty, Martha, and Rosalynn.  Named after a Top 10 First Ladies list we found on the internet!  With the size of the chicken tractor we are building we may even add a few in the coming weeks.  We’ll keep you posted!

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