Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogurt

Instant Pot Coconut Yogurt

I’d heard about the Instant Pot for the last couple of years but thought, I don’t need another cooking appliance, I already have my slow cooker.  Fast forward to this Christmas when I reluctantly decided to take the plunge and ask for one of these devices whose praises were sung by so many.  Well, I have not been disappointed…if anything, I wish I would have asked for one years ago!  

What is an instant pot?  It’s a pressure cooker but also has features to sautee, steam, and slow cook as well as function as a rice cooker, yogurt maker, and has settings to cook various meat items to perfection.  Our instant pot gets used several times a week and often daily.  We regularly used it to make all sorts of vegetables (especially root vegetables), roasts, whole chickens, broth, hard boiled eggs, and now you can add yogurt to that list! 

Why Coconut Yogurt?  I used to regularly make raw milk dairy yogurt and loved it.  However, since having our daughter, we have cut back drastically on our dairy consumption and have all felt better because of it.  I love that coconut milk contains nutrients and fats as well as the beneficial probiotics contributing to health.

Instant Pot Coconut Yogurt


2 Cans FULL FAT Coconut Milk

4 Capsules of a high quality probiotic

1 Tbsp Gelatin


Empty both cans of coconut milk into your instant pot liner and press the yogurt button, click adjust until the screen says “boil”.  Once the instant pot beeps and the screen switches to “yogurt”, remove the liner.  Let sit at room temperature until the coconut milk falls below 115 degrees.  The temperature is important to allowing the good bacteria in the probiotics to take and do their thing.  Once the temperature is below 115, pour the 4 probiotic capsules into the coconut milk and whisk until thoroughly incorporated.  Place liner back into your instant pot and press the yogurt button again using the up and down arrows to set the time between 8 and 14 hours.  The longer it goes, the more tangy of a flavor the yogurt will have.  Letting it go overnight works well.  After those hours have passed, open the lid and whisk in 1 tbsp of gelatin.  Store yogurt in glass jars in the refrigerator and let set for 4-6 hours before consuming.  Before adding the gelatin and refrigerating, the yogurt had a very liquidy consistency but after that final step, the final result was a thick and creamy yogurt!

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